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Get your stake of the world’s next digital reserve currency.

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Hosted ATMs

Learn how easy it can be to get your own hosted bitcoin ATM.

Buy / Sell Bitcoin

 Buy and sell Bitcoin at competitive rates and at many places in Europe

Purchase Protection

We deploy world-class security featuress to ensure your transactions are safe.

Ease of use

Our terminals are super easy to use and beginners don’t require prior knowledge.

Learn why Bitcoin is not optional. Watch the video with Saifedean Ammous:

Sending Money Home?

Use our Moon Zebra Bitcoin ATM to send money anywhere in the world. Skip long waiting times and uncertainty when your money will arrive.  With Moon Zebra your cash is faster where you need it.

Personal Support

We love to help you make your transaction and therefore our patient support staff is available around the clock for you service and assistance.

Get Paid Easily & Quickly

Got idle cryptocurrency lying around and need some FIAT currency? No problem, just go to our Crypto ATM and cash out your cryptocurrency in minutes.

Join the Community

Join the Moonzebra community and become a part of a vibrant and exclusive Bitcoin and business network.


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